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International testimonials

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From the FAA -- Federal Aviation Administration

"Based on the data submitted and tests witnessed by our Kansas City Engineering and Manufacturing District Office personnel, "Microlon" is considered satisfactory for use in aircraft Engines having up to 1,000 cubic inches displacement.

"This acceptance is based on the test results showing no detrimental effects on the test Engine, turbo supercharger, etc."

--Don P. Watson
Chief Engineering and Manufacturing Branch, ASW-210
Department of Transportation
Federal Aviation Administration


From Cullen Detroit Diesel Allison Limited

Test data was gathered at the Kamloops branch of Cullen Detroit Diesel Allison Limited:

On March 11, 1980, the test engine was run for 2.5 hours with no oil in the crankcase. it should be noted that the water temperature rose only 3 degrees above the after-treatment averag; still 0.5 degree lower than the before-treatment averate. The compression on all four cylinders is also still above the before-treatment results. After replacing the oil, all factors returned to the after-treatment values. In no way do we recommend running an engine without oil, however this is a dramatic demonstration of the protectinve dry lubricating film provided with Microlon is used in equipment.


From the City Public Transportation -- Maintenance Department, Austin, Texas

"From initial Treatment with Microlon to the last available figures, Oil consumption averages have moved from an untreated 286 MPQ (Miles per Quart) to a treated 1075 MPQ average. It reflects a savings of 73.39% in Oil usage." "Treated bus #1419's Fuel consumption was checked against ten other 1100 series [Laidlaw] busses. July Fuel records indicated an aggregate, averaged rate of 3.7 MPG (Miles per Gallon) while (bus) #1419 averaged 4.4 MPG for an indicated savings of 18.92%."

"Fuel consumption with Microlon Treatment compared to equal number without Microlon Treatment by weight, by scale and by meter; average Increase in MPG was 27.81% with Microlon treated busses compared to those without Microlon Treatment."

"Operating temperatures of Oil declined from 197° F., to 193° and water temperatures declined from 170° to 165° F. in those buses treated with Microlon."

--Austin City Public Transportation
Mark Haught, Maintenance
Capital Metro,
Austin, Texas



"... I believe I can state that the application of this product [Microlon] in industry will result in the most significant gains in overall productivity since the introduction of carbide tooling."

"The baseline philosophy of various French and other European corporations with their on-going applications of Microlon ... in virtually all of their machine tools ... is a philosophy that can be anticipated to be broadly applied throughout the U.S. and Canadian industry."

"There will certainly be some problems in getting "less than progressive" companies to "share the trade secret" of the application of Microlon, but proper exposure and marketing within the industry should easily overcome this very slight shortcoming.

--Frank R. Lindsey
Mgr, Machining Operations
East Aurora, New York


From Automated Custom Systems, Inc., Orange, CA - Environmental Protection Agency, 511 Test Program: One time Engine Treatment

"Attached are the summary data sheets covering the two Vehicles tested per the E.P.A. 511 Test Program. Both Vehicles were processed identically ..." "On the two Vehicles tested, Microlon Engine Treatment produced an Increase in Fuel Economy with a general reduction in Vehicle Emissions as tested by the United States Environmental Protection Agency published Federal Register."

-- Loren T. Mathews
Vice President/General Mgr
Automated Custom Systems
Orange CA

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