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MICROLON saves on petrol consumption
"Reduced engine friction helps the car travel further."
Jean-Pierre, Microlon Distributor

What is Microlon
It is not a fuel or oil additive, it is a ONE-TIME METAL TREATMENT that only uses the fuel and oil as a carrier to transport the product to the engine's bearing surfaces where it cleans, conditions and protects the metal surfaces permanently ... without changing any engine tolerances!

If You Don't Know About Microlon, It's Not Surprising.
Microlon is not available in stores. Even your own mechanic may not know about Microlon.
It was developed in the aircraft industry. And until a short time ago, only pilots and aircraft mechanics knew about it.

The documented EFFECTS
  • Reduces fuel consumption
  • Reduces emission of pollutant gasses
  • Reduces oil consumption
  • Normalizes compression
  • Increases oil pressure
  • Lowers oil temperature
  • Increases horsepower
  • Engines run smoother
  • Engines run quieter (especially diesels)
  • Extends engine life
  • Lower maintenance
  • Corrosion protection
  • Dry/cold start protection
  • Provides a margin of safety, in case of sudden oil pressure loss

  • Find out WHY and HOW this works
    The treatment's primary function is to reduce friction in any type of engines being cars, trucks, machines, earth moving equipment, stationary engines, gear boxes, differentials, wheel bearings, transmission boxes and any machinery where metal to metal friction occurs like lathe cuting tools, drills, milling machines etc..

    On the inside of an engine, adding Microlon changes the properties of the metal surfaces. The one-time microlon treatment penetrates the metal surfaces, leaving behind a super-slippery film. Metal-to-metal contact is changed to Microlon-to-Microlon contact which is much more efficient, meaning less energy is used to overcome friction and more energy makes it to your drive train. This saves on fuel consumption by improving the motor efficiency - a great fuel saving motor treatment. You may not be able to find cheaper petrol or find the cheapest petrol stations these days yet these treatments for your motor will help your car go further. [ more info ]

    with microlon                  without microlon

    International testimonials


    International companies and government agencies have tested the product and give their verdict
    [ read them here ]

    Local testimonials

    From Terry McLachlan

    I am the owner of a 2002 VX Holden Commodor Equipe which I bought new. In late 2002, along with my golf clubs, I travelled to the Murray River region for a week of golf. I was extremely pleased with the economy of my car getting around 630 kilometres on a tank of fuel (64litres).
    In late 2007 I was introduced to Microlon fuel and oil additive by Jean-Pierre Brochard. Being a little scepticalI purchased a kit for my car. After the next service at 60000 kilometres I added the Microlon products as per Jean-Pierre's instructions.

    On Anzac day 2008 I was called to Melboume on family matters. Imagine my surprise when I obtained 775 kilometres on a tank of Unleaded petrol (63 litres).
    That is from Moss Vale to Dandenon on one tank of tuel. INCREDIBLE.

    Two weeks later the same trip was taken - down the Hume Highway and back along the Princes Highway. The last trip yielded 720 kilometres for 62 litres. This lower reading could be attributed to the winding roads in lower NSW coastline. I have no hesitation on recommending Microlon products to anyone. [ read more ]

    From Michael Carroll - Bankstown NSW:
    Director - MCH Altone Pty Ltd
    Our company has bought 2 kits of "Microlon Anti-Friction" products; one being for a Proton Jumbuck Utility which uses unleaded petrol; the other being for our Hino 2tonne turbo-diesel delivery truck.
    Our fuel bills are monitored easily because we receive a detailed account from our fuel provider.
    Both vehicles have shown a marked improvement in litres used per 100km after the engines were treated with "Microlon". Also this improvement has been ongoing and both vehicles are now using less oil than before the treatment. This treatment is only done once in the life of the engine & thus is most cost effective. [ read more ]


    Microlon has been in business since 1964 and we have seen dozens of similar products come and go. Most of the other products are oils or oil treatments while Microlon is a one-time metal treatment. Microlon can be used to treat the top end of the engine through the fuel and the rest of the engine through the crankcase. Microlon CL-100 has been accepted for use in aircraft engines up to 1000 C.I.D. since May 1979. Microlon was entered into an invention competition and won the gold Medaille de Vermeille in Geneva in 1978. No one has been able to duplicate the formulation or its effects since it was invented in 1964.
    Read our FAQ for more INFO

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